Wits University Sets the Record Straight On Famous TikTok Dr Claiming to Have Studied At the Institution

Wits University Sets the Record Straight On Famous TikTok Dr Claiming to Have Studied At the Institution. Everything was just not adding up. Dr Matthew Lani’s age, educational background and other things made his claims of being a doctor quite questionable.

The 22 year-old Dr Lani apparently finished Matric at the age of 16 years after skipping Grades 4, 6, and 8. He says that he finished Medical School at the record age of 21. Lani has been featured on radio and TV shows offering all sorts of medical advice. He gave advice on getting clear skin, sorting out STDs, among other things. His last interview was just a few days ago on Radio 2000 unpack the health implications and dangers of using snuff.

Although he got away with a lot, it looks like Dr Lani’s luck has run out. Social media users have realized that the once loved famous Tiktoker, might not be who he claims to be. Journalists are now currently investigating whether Lani is an actual doctor or not. His name is still yet to appear on the HPCSA, although he claims otherwise.

Matters worse, doctors who were at WITS the same time as he says he was, say they do not remember him. The profession is such a small community, so

Wits University has also issued a statement to make some clarity on the matter. The institution states that they can’t find anyone who graduated with his names in recent years. They have thus asked Dr Lani to retract claims he studied with them with immediate effect.

Following claims made by “Dr Matthew Lani” on social media and based on the facts at hand, Wits cannot find any person who graduated by the name of Matthew Bongani Zingelwa or Sanele Zingelwa in recent years,” reads the statement.

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