Eskom Implements Stage 6 Loadshedding Indefinitely

Eskom Implements Stage 6 Loadshedding Indefinitely. This is one of the saddest announcements ever. Just when South African residents were starting to enjoy the warm weather, Eskom implements stage 6 loadshedding.

The country has been moved to Stage 6 power cuts on Monday evening. Eskom will implement the much dreaded Stage 6from 05h00 on Tuesday until further notice. This comes after the loss of two generating units and increased maintenance. Overnight, a further two units at Lethabo and Matla power stations needed to be shutdown for urgent repairs. Breakdowns are currently at 16,210MW of generating capacity while the capacity out of service for planned maintenance is 5,894MW.

Since yesterday a generating unit at Kriel and Medupi power station was taken offline for repairs. The delay in returning to service a unit each in Hendrina and Tutuka power stations are also contributing to the current capacity constraints,” said Eskom spokesperson Dephenee Mokeona.

As expected, the news has not sat well with many people. The long hours of no electricity are going to affect businesses, work, schooling, and just everyday life. The fact that it is not clear when Stage 6 will pass, makes people even more anxious. The likes of Mmusi Maimane and many other social media users have expressed disappointments and sadness over the electricity situation.

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