Birthday Wishes Pour In for Dr Nandipha Magudumana Who Is In Court for Her Bail Hearing

Birthday Wishes Pour In for Dr Nandipha Magudumana Who Is In Court for Her Bail Hearing. She is definitely having a different birthday than she is used to. Instead of lavish parties and expensive gifts, Dr Nandipha Magudumana is celebrating her birthday in court, with a bail hearing in progress.

Before her arrest, Dr Magudumana lived a luxurious lifestyle. She went on exotic trips,drove flashy cars, and lived in a stunning home that boasts modern architecture. The celebrity doctor also made headlines when she bought two luxury cars within six months of each other. In videos posted to her Facebook page, she can be seen buying a Range Rover with an estimated value of R4m in 2020, just two months after acquiring a Porsche Cayenne.

Life has now turned for the worst for Dr Magudumana, who now finds herself in a court of law applying for bail. The bail application relates to her alleged role in the escape of her partner, Thabo Bester from Mangaung Correctional Centre. She is one of the 12 accused in the Bester escape case and was arrested in April, in Arusha, Tanzania.

A week ago, Dr Magudumana told the court that she left for Tanzania against her own will. She said she was fearful of Bester, and complied with his instructions. Magudumana was thus taken out of the country against her will. She did not voluntarily depart.

Despite it being her birthday, Magudumana is maintaining her sombre expression. Although she is spotting a new hairstyle and a face beat, she looks quite sad. Magudumana doesn’t look as lively as her previous court appearances. Nonetheless, some people have looked beyond her situation, and choose to celebrate her as she turns 35.

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