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10 Safe Ways to Keep Warm During Cold Front

South Africa woke up to some parts of the country snowing. Places like Johannesburg, Soweto, Katlehong, Roodeport, and Alberton are currently experiencing light snowfalls. As much as this is all exciting, the snow comes with extreme cold weather that can have a negative impact on our health. People with respiratory problems such as asthma, or heart conditions are at particular risk during this time.

Our bodies need to be kept at a core body temperature of 37C to stay healthy, which means rooms should be heated to a minimum of 18C. But with the cost of living still soaring, and constant power cuts, there are concerns that people will be unable to use heating to keep themselves and their homes warm during the colder months.

Here are some tips on how to keep warm a cold front.

1. Wear Warm

Wearing lots of layers rather than one thick piece of clothing will help to trap your body heat and keep you warmer. Thermal underwear and clothing, and hot water bottles are an inexpensive way to stay warmer for longer. You can also keep your feet warm with thick socks and slippers. 

2. Food and Drink

Make sure you eat healthily and drink plenty of hot drinks throughout the day. Avoid alcohol as it prevents your blood vessels from constricting and you’ll begin to lose body heat.

3. Move Around

It’s also important to avoid sitting still for long periods of time, so move around and keep as active as possible. This will help boost your circulation and keep you warm. 

4. Be Smart With Curtains

Open your curtains during the day, as the sun still provides warmth, even in the winter months. Make sure you close them as soon as the sun sets to keep the warm air in. Investing in thicker curtains, or thermal curtain liners, will help keep the cold air out and prevent heat loss.

5. Insulate Your Floor With Rugs

If you don’t have carpets, put down plenty of rugs. Hardwood or laminate floors are a lot colder than carpeted areas. 

6. Invest In A Hot Water Bottle

This is a cost effective and long lasting way to keep warm. A hot water bottle provides a safe source of warmth during the day and throughout the night.

7. Stay warm At Night

Temperatures really plummet at night, so it’s important to keep your bedroom as warm as possible. As with any room, exclude any draughts, close the windows when it’s cold and put down rugs to insulate the floor.

8. Use the Right Bedding

Use extra blankets, or buy flannel or fleece bedding if you can. These materials trap body heat and are better insulators than cotton. Using thicker tog duvets will also provide warmth. Bed socks will also help you sleep.

9. Protect Yourself From the Elements

When you’re forced to go outside, stay as far away as you can from things like rain, snow, puddles, ice and wind. These things getting too close are what make you feel cold; your clothing and body can usually handle the air temperature. Move quickly between buildings, use a car when you can, and when you must be outside, try to walk under a shelter.

10. Take Hot Shower or Bath

A hot shower or bath can just be enough to get your body back to a reasonable level of warmth. Find yourself just getting cold again after five minutes? Make sure you’re bundled up as soon as you get out, with warm clothes, a robe, and house shoes. This will help your body retain the heat of the bath.

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