WhatsApp Back After Being Down for Users Globally

WhatsApp Back After Being Down for Users Globally. It has been a chaotic couple of hours with WatsApp users wondering what could be wrong with their devices. The messaging services app has currently been down for thousands of users around the world. This was for both group and personal chats.

The popular instant communication app owned by Meta that is used by many for quick texting. Whenever WhatsApp crashes, it is a major deal around the world given that it is the most popular messaging app, with two billion monthly active users globally users. Even here in South Africa it caused a major concern with users not knowing what the problem could be. To make matters worse, no formal statement was issued to let users know, what is going on.
The great news is that the company has sorted out the problem, and most users are now back at using the app, for their personal purposes. People are now back at messaging each other as things are back to normal. This certainly was not the first time that WhatsApp had crashed, but the service is usually restored within just a few hours, like it happened today.
Whenever WhatsApp isn’t working, the same kinds of memes come out, usually on Twitter, and this time it was no different. Tweeps have been having a field day sharing hilarious content regarding the WhatsApp outage.
Check some of them below that will certainly crack you up;

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