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Tshepi Vundla Gushes Over Her Beautiful Kids

Tshepi Vundla Gushes Over Her Beautiful Kids. Are they not just too adorable! Tshepi Vundla and Jr might as well share the recipe for making such cuties. The couple is blessed with two beautiful kids who everyone can’t get enough of.

In July 2017, Tshepi and Jr welcomed their first child, Sibabalwe Lehakwe Bogopa. Siba became quite popular on social media because his parents shared pictures and videos of him. From the get go, it was clear that the young boy was destined for stardom. Siba now features on ads that her mother pushes for major brands.

There is another new member in the family, and she is also taking social media by storm. Tshepi and Jr welcomed their second born in January this year. For the past six months Tshepi has been sharing pictures of her daughter, Liyema Leru Bogopa, on her Instagram, and she became an instant hit. Liyema might have her dad’s facial features, but when it comes to fashion and style, she is definitely her mother’s daughter. The duo even coordinate their outfits, how cute is that!

Just like most mothers out there, Tshepi can’t help but gush over her kids. The celebrity stylist and influencer has just posted pictures of both Siba and Liyema, and they are just perfect. She expressed how much they mean to her with a beautiful caption.

My entire world. I love my babies so much,” Tshepi said.

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