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Rosette Ncwana on the Difficulties of Shooting With Kids

Rosette Ncwana on the Difficulties of Shooting With Kids. As someone who has been in the industry for over 10 years, Rosette Ncwana knows the ins and outs of modeling very well. She has been in numerous pictorial notices and TV advertisement promotions which marks herself to be one of the known countenances in South Africa.

Judging from her social media posts, Rosetta loves her job very much, and sometimes she passes time having fun with her girls doing catwalks at home. Her eldest daughter Gabriella whom she shares with Andile Ncube, seems to be following in mommy’s model footsteps. Gabriella has been featured in some modeling campaigns, and together with her mom the pair once featured in a campaign for clothing retailer, Exact!

Shooting with kids is no child’s play though, as Rosetta noticed. Well, this is clearly evident in the picture she recently posted on Instagram, where she was doing an ad for Sheet Street with a young model posing as her child. From the look on the child’s face, she wasn’t really comfortable with being that close to Rosette.

It looks like this comes with the job, as Rosette admitted that back in the day, her youngest daughter Talitha used to refuse to be on set alone with models who posed as her parents.

Shooting with kids is so hard, I feel like I don’t know what I’m doing. When Talitha was younger she refused to be on set alone with her “fake parents “ I’ll always have to be lurking or holding her hand. Feels like forever to get them comfortable and smiling. It’s always easier to shoot with my own kids which some clients request. My kids are not signed to any agency , they basically my +1 when needed or requested,” she said.

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