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Masasa Mbangeni on Finally Accepting Her Skin Tone and Embracing Her Beauty

Masasa Mbangeni on Finally Accepting Her Skin Tone and Embracing Her Beauty. Over the years we have seen standards of beauty, more so on women change. Back in the day, having a slim figure, being light in complexion as well as having straight hair, was regarded as being the definition of beauty.

Sadly the entertainment industry here and there still conform to those standards of beauty. Some of our female personalities have cried foul over missed opportunities because of their outward appearance. The issue of colorism constantly pops up, and causes so much debate on social media.

One celebrity whose melanin is popping, and very proud of that is Masasa Mbangeni. The award-winning actress and TV personality took to Instagram to gush over her dark skin tone, and beauty. Having pointed that out though, Masasa has not always been confident about her appearance. She states that back in the day, she used to apply a certain beauty cream to at least appear lighter.

Here. #tbt to another time. I don’t know why I love this picture so much but I do. Being this black, in this skin, at this time. So much melanin! Such vibranium! I remember I use to smear P*nds lightening cream while in primary school desperate to be lighter only to look like I had spent the day at the pool! We need to have a serious conversation about girls schools circa 1999! Anyways I digress! I want to hug baby me and tell her how beautiful she was, is! Man,” Masasa said.

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