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“It Has Been the Worst 4 Weeks of My Life,” Rosa Onius On Losing Jamie Bartlett

“It Has Been the Worst 4 Weeks of My Life,” Rosa Onius On Losing Jamie Bartlett. Losing a life partner is one of the most devastating experiences one can go through. More so when the deceased passed on when you least expected it. This is the case with Rosa Onius, partner of the late Jamie Bartlett.

Judging from their social media posts, it is evident that the two were soulmates. Rosa and Jamie were always together, smashing epic couple goals. Despite their age gap 55 year old Jamie and 29 year old Rosa, had so much in common. Sadly for Rosa, and the rest of South Africa, award winning veteran Jamie suffered cardiac arrest while in his sleep.

Just hours before news of Jamie’s death broke online, Rosa shared a clip of their time in the club. On the video, the duo are living their best life with Rosa sipping from a bottle of Moet champagne and Jamie just chilling in the background.

Rosa, who is a retail manager, has once again taken to Instagram, this time to celebrate the life they shared while Jamie was still alive.

4 weeks ago at this specific time my happiness was snatched away from me. It has been the worst 4 weeks of my life .
It feels life an arrow went through my heart. 💔💘❤️‍🩹,”
Rosa captioned the video.

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