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Rorisang Thandekiso Preaches Positivity When Battling a Chronic Illness

Rorisang Thandekiso Preaches Positivity When Battling a Chronic Illness. It goes without saying that having a chronic illness does takes a toll on one’s life. You are forever in pain, discomfort and each day has its own challenges.

One person who knows that very well is Rorisang Thandekiso. The talented media personality has suffered from different ailments like endometriosis, cysts, and fibroids. As such, she had to undergo a number of surgeries. A few years back she shared pictures of herself while in the hospital, where she looked drained and exhausted.

A day ago, Rorisang shared on Instagram that May has been a crazy hard, frustrating and stressful month for her. It is not clear if she meant health wise or its just other issues. She just shared another post, speaking about her journey battling chronic illness.

Had a tough night & morning… so much pain. No sleep! ( I’m okay… took my meds and cried a little) 🙂🙂[About me]
Iv driven myself to the hospital in the middle of the night countless times in extreme pain and discomfort
,” she said.

Rorisang dedicated her post to her friends who are dealing with Chronic battles. She assured them that it’s okay to need people and it’s okay to have a bad day. Rorisang empathized with them, more so when it comes to them having to keep explaining their diagnosis and the challenges it presents in their life on a daily basis. She however encouraged the sick to let others know when they are not coping and having a tough day.

I know its exhausting to be at work on your feet when your body is screaming pain. I know its exhausting to feel like “you got this “ then 2 hours later your body fails you. I know its exhausting having people give you all types of success stories and here you are… still dealing.They love you, yes… I know… they may never understand your everyday struggle BUT THEY LOVE YOU… give them room to love on you,” she added.

Rorisang also has a message to those who have close ones battling all sorts of illnesses.

And to my friends, who have friends fighting big / small health battles..

– read up ( know their diagnosis)
– check up ( your support and love can never stop)
– allow ( give room for them to express that tough moment, that pain heavy day, the frustration )
– they need you ( even when they say they don’t)”

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