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Minnie Dlamini and Quinton Jones Break Their Silence on Rumors Surrounding Their Divorce

Minnie Dlamini and Quinton Jones Release a Statement to Address Rumors Surrounding Their Divorce. The former power couple has been trending for a couple of days now on social media platforms. This is after entertainment blogger, Musa Khawula tweeted that Minnie Dlamini cheated on Quinton Jones, hence their divorce.

Musa boldly shared that there is a rumor going on about Minnie cheating Quinton while they were still married. He also added that, Minnie started being cold towards her husband after her brother Khosini Dlamini’s passing. The allegations further stated that Quinton filed for divorce immediately after he discovered that he was being cheated on.

After such hectic allegations, Minnie was dragged mercilessly on social media. The rumors were fueled by the fact that Musa said the media personality was said to be dating controversial businessman Edwin Sodi. Minnie was called a gold digger, a loose woman, and every degrading name one can think of. Despite all this, she remained quite and never shared her side of the story.

Minnie together with Quinton have finally released a statement, to address the allegations. The statement which have been shared by Minnie on her social media pages, states that the allegations are false, damaging and malicious. They also regard the allegations as damaging, unnecessary and hurtful.

Just like their divorce announcement, Minnie and Quinton has vowed to remain friends as they co-parent their son Neta Jones. Legal action will be taken against those who defamed them.


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