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Bonang Matheba Accuses Davin Phillips of Trying to Steal Her Company

Bonang Matheba Accuses Davin Phillips of Trying to Steal Her Company. In October 2021, things went South between Bonang Matheba and her management, CSA Global. The two parties had a dispute relating to the ownership of The House of BNG.

The agency allegedly negotiated directly with her wine making partners, Vino Ventures, and split the partnership between them, cutting her out as a shareholder. CSA, vehemently denied any wrongdoing, saying it has acted within the terms of the contract. Bonang then resorted to terminating her contract with them.

There has been some silence on the matter for months, such that people assumed the issue have been solved behind closed doors. Bonang, who clearly has had it with the company, took to Twitter where she labeled their managing director Davin Philips a monster.

The celebrated media personality and entrepreneur put it out there that she has had enough. Bonang said Davin has put her and her family through hell over the past two years, and she is now more than ready to launch a war. She alleges that as a manager, Davina tried to steal from her, and yet he wants her to apologize.

….and now, you’re trying to steal my company but seem to be failing…A heist gone wrong! You’re audacious…how dare you?!! @houseofbng was facilitated & finalized by @jaybadza47 & @sylvesterchauke!! Loooong before you arrived…. But no, you think you can be snakey and attempt a heist!!! @DavinPhillips!! YOU’RE COMICAL,” Bonang fired shot after shot.

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