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Blood and Water Season III Loading

Blood and Water Season III Loading. With the reception the series keeps on getting every season, it was bound to make a comeback. Blood and Water is back for it’s 3rd season and fans all over are super excited.

The TV series follows the story of a high school girl from Cape Town named Puleng Kumalo, who moves to an elite college in Cape Town. Her depression started when she was a kid, her elder sister was being kidnapped, and she heard nothing about her ever since. And in her new school, she thinks one of the students there is her sister. She then proceeds to investigate.

In the second season episode finale, after a DNA test, it is revealed that Puleng and Fikile share the same mother, but they have different fathers. At the end of the second season, we can also see that Fikile’s mother is being kidnapped and questioned by Lisbeth, who asks her about Puleng. Meanwhile, Fikile is being arrested by the cops in the middle of a party.

It goes without saying that we have to brace ourselves for more drama on Blood and Water season III. There is a possibility of a love triangle between Puleng, KB, and Wade. We may also find out why Lisbeth wants to get information about Puleng, as well as finding out about Fikile’s biological father.

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