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Hulisani Ravele Shares her Views on How Radio Stations Annually Reshuffle Talent

Hulisani Ravele Shares her Views on How Radio Stations Annually Reshuffle Talent. It is that time of the year, where our local radio stations introduces new lineups, new talent, as well as let go of other personalities. We have already seen major radio station like METRO FM, release their lineups for the season with new personalities coming on board.

It is an exciting time for some radio personalities as well as their listeners. For some though it is one of the most daunting experiences to go through. A lot of radio hosts have been let go for various reasons to usher in fresh talent. This is sad because, just like that their source of income is taken away from them. To make matters worse, most of them are not told in advance that their contracts won’t be renewed, and they never have time to prepare for what lies ahead.

Hulisani Ravele, took to Twitter to unpack this whole talent swapping and hiring season that happens in the industry. She isn’t happy that talented hosts get to be told they are without jobs, just a month before it happens. The 947 radio presenter says the reshuffling needs to be regulated and managed just like they do with the football transfer window.

She advised that ate least the freelancer contracts should have an exit fee that will basically help them get by while they are still looking for new jobs. Hulisani is also not happy that some of these contracts don’t even allow freelancers to look for other jobs, while still working. Although she agrees, there should be changes, Hulisani is not happy by how it’s done.

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