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Proverb Reveals His Reasons for Finally Unblocking This Social Media Content Creator

Proverb Reveals His Reasons for Finally Unblocking This Social Media Content Creator. On social media the block button is there for a reason. There are people who will try you to your last nerve, so the best way to deal with them is to block them. That is exactly what Proverb did, to some of those whose posts and comments didn’t make him happy.

Come to think of it, Proverb is among the drama free celebrities on social media. All that he shares on his platforms is work, and certain achievements. No one knows much about his personal life, his children or if he is dating. He has since decided to keep that aspect of his life very private. So for him to block you, you must have done or said something not so cool.

At times though, even the coolest people have limits. Proverb has had enough, and one person he blocked was a certain social media content creator by the name Vato The Plug. The talented rapper and media personality didn’t go too much in detail as to what Valto did, but the good thing is that he has decided to unblock him. Proverb’s reason for blocking Valto, is that the list of people that he has blocked was too long, and he just decided to unblock everyone.

@ProVerbMusic thank you for unblocking – I’ll Refrain from including you in my work. I really – honestly thought in the spirit of Hip-Hop making such content would drive for more concepts like that hmmh. But cool. Apologies again grootman,” Valto said in appreciation.

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