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Podcast and Chill with MacG Gets a Cool Sponsorship

Podcast and Chill with MacG Gets a Cool Sponsorship. This is the most talked about podcast in the country, possibly in the whole continent. This is because Podcast and Chill with Macg always comes with content that gets people talking. All the time they leave people divided over what was shared on the show.

Case in point will be the recent interview with American singer Arie Lennox. Her interview took an uncomfortable turn when the host, MacG asked her an explicitly sexual question in a manner that viewers have described as crass. The former radio host, always ask people about their sex life and Arie was no exception.

“And where are we at right now? Is someone f**king you good right now?” MacG asked.

The singer showed that she wasn’t really comfortable with the question, but somehow brushed it foo and the interview continued. It was only after a few days, that Arie took to Twitter to express her feelings. She said the experience with MacG may have put her off doing interviews for life. Ari also said she will never set her foot her in South Africa. As expected different views were shared on Twitter, with some calling for MacG to be cancelled, while others dragged Arie and anyone who empathized with her.

It looks like the more bad publicity Podcast and Chill with MacG receives, the more good things happen to them. They have just bagged a new sponsorship, courtesy of Moja Chicken. This is great news to the Chillers, who have always been with the show through thick and thin.

“Good day We are officially one of the sponsors for the Monday episodes of @podcastwithmacg. Danko Is Thank You,” Moja Chicke announced.

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