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Pic! Kgomotso Christopher’s Family Pet Fish Gets a Decent Burial

Pic! Kgomotso Christopher’s Family Pet Fish Gets a Decent Burial. Having a pet in the family is just the greatest thing. It goes without saying that pets make great companions, and they do not judge at all. They simply obey their owners and add on to the many things a family can have in common. That is why when a pet dies, the family goes through a difficult time.

Having pointed that out, Kgomotso Christopher has just revealed that their new addition to the family has just died. They got the fish, Darwin just five days ago, and now its gone. The award winning actress, TV personality and voice over artist, did not however reveal how the fish died. This is particularly hard for the family, since they started the year off by losing loved ones. Now a pet that brought some sort of comfort to the family is also gone.

2022 dribbling me already…started the year with losing family members…now even the fish we got 5 days ago is gone…I’m busy looking for a fish coffin,” Kgomotso opened up about her loss.

Condolence messages poured in, with a lot of people who have been in similar situations, showing empathy to the family. As much as this is a difficult time for the Christophers, they made sure that Darwin get a decent funeral. Kgomotso shared a picture of the burial site, decorated with fresh flowers to clearly show that Darwin was a valued member of the family.

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