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Connie Ferguson Shares How She Will Deal With Negativity This Year

Connie Ferguson Shares How She Will Deal With Negativity This Year. No matter how good a person you are, they will always be those who you rub off the wrong way. And again, even if you try to stay out of trouble, there will always be unforeseen circumstances causing you some sort of pain. If you fins yourself in such situations then you might want to steal a page from Connie Ferguson’s book.

The award winning actress and entrepreneur is one of the most drama-free celebrities we have in the country. All that Connie does is kill it as an actress, show off her workouts on social media, hang out with her family, share inspirational quotes and just have fun. But sadly that has not stopped her from always being the topic on tabloids and social media. From being accused by some of her former employees for mistreatment and unfair dismissals, to being accused of copying Nivea products, Connie has had her fair share of drama.

Despite all of this and more, Connie has always remained calm and just continued to do her thing. This year though, she has a message to anyone or anything that will aim at stealing her joy. The hilarious solution is short and brief, but carries such a strong message.

Piss Off,” Connie warned. So you already know that in 2022, you stay away from Mrs Ferguson, else you might be in trouble.

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