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Jub Jub Reveals the Reason Behind Him and Amanda duPont’s Breakup

Jub Jub Reveals the Reason Behind Him and Amanda duPont’s Breakup. If you are looking for fresh breaking news, you better check out Podcast and Chill with MacG. With every celeb interview, some shocking revelations always come out. Just the other day, Natasha Thahane landed herself in hot water during her interview, where she spoke about her funding to study in the States.

On this week’s celeb edition which airs on Channel O, Podcast and Chill with MacG had Jub Jub as a guest. The episode was tarted trending immediately after it was advertised a week ago. Finally the day came, and Jub Jub spilled the beans as he promised he will do. The controversial media personality and rapper mainly spoke about his baby mama, Kelly Khumalo, and about his stay in prison among other things.

It was a given that Jub Jub was going to talk about those issues as they are a big part of his life. One thing that shocked a lot of people was when he mentioned that he used to be in a relationship with Amanda duPont. According to him, the relationship went on for three years, and the two were even staying together. Viewers were never ready for the juice that Jub Jub dropped regarding what led to their breakup.

Jub Jub said, while he was in a relationship with Amanda, he also had a thing with Kelly on the side, which by the look of things wasn’t that serious. He further said Kelly was using muthi on him, which blinded him to be with her. One day Amanda found his picture with Kelly on one publication, and he left him for good.

Check out how tweeps reacted to this shocking and brave revelation.

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