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Another Media Personality Alleges Jub Jub Raped Her Too

Another Media Personality Alleges Jub Jub Raped Her Too. He went on to Podcast and Chill with MacG to expose other celebrities, but sadly for him the tables turned. It is not raining but pouring for Jub Jub, and he didn’t see it coming. After speaking about his relationship with Amanda du-Pont on MacG’s podcast, Jub Jub dominated the news headlines across the country.

Many were even shocked that the two at some point dated. Jub Jub even went deeper by saying his baby Mama Kelly Khumalo is the reason he and Amanda broke up because of the muthi she used on him. After trending for the day, Amanda took to social media to set matters straight. The media personality and actress revealed that Jub Jub, rapped her for a period of two years, but she was afraid to leave because of the power that his mother, Mama Jackie had. She further went to reveal that she had an abortion, because she couldn’t bring herself to raise a child who was a result of rape.

She called out for any attorney to help her as she prepares to go the legal route. So many people empathized with Amanda, who was very emotional when she narrated her story. Celebrities also jumped in to show that they support and believe her. It also came to light that this was not the first time Amanda shared this sad story.

Another celebrity, Masechaba Khumalo has come out as one of the people that Jub Jub sexually assaulted back in the day. The media personality and Department of Sports, Arts and Culture spokesperson started by saying she too believes Amanda. Masechaba further went on to add that Molemo Maarohanye, popularly known as Jub Jub rapped her at his mother’s house. According to her, back then the two were dating, and she was still a virgin.

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