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Amanda du-Pont Takes a Moment to Appreciate Supporters and Well Wishers

Amanda du-Pont Takes a Moment to Appreciate Supporters and Well Wishers. When you come out with such kind of a story, you have t brace yourself from some of the harshest feedback. This is definitely the case with Amanda du-Pont who recently went public with allegations that Jub-Jub raped her for two years while they were still in a relationship.

As much as so many people stood by her, it was a given that a lot will question the allegations she made against their faves. Amanda released a sad video in which she spoke about the kind of relationship she was in with Jub Jub after the Uyajola 9/9 boldly spoke about smashing her on Podcast and Chill with MacG interview. To set matters straight, Amanda said she was abused, and could not do nothing about it because she feared Jub Jub and his mother, Mama Jackie.

Some people question why she took so long to state her case. As more women like Masechaba Khumalo came out with their stories, others said they are just trying to bring Jub Jub down, who is trying to make something out of his life. Jub Jub has also released a public statement asking his accusers to retract the accusations and apologize.

As difficult as this may be, Amanda has decided to ignore the negativity, and instead thanked those who are on her side. The actress and TV personality, said that the love and support that she has been receiving are encouraging.

Completely overwhelmed with all your love and support and broken by all your messages of how many of you have gone through the same thing!Thank you!!!!! It’s been so encouraging to see how we are all there for one other.God bless,” Amanda said.

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