10 Ways to Protect Yourself From Omicron Variant During Festive Season

10 Ways to Protect Yourself From Omicron Variant During Festive Season. The festive season is always the time for people to let loose and just enjoy life. A lot has happened this year with deaths, job losses, financial crisis, depressions, gender based violence, so people need a breather. The only problem though is that we have the new Omicron variant to deal with, thus we have to be extra careful out there.

It has been highlighted that the Omicron variant has an extremely high number of mutations. So one has to really think twice when planning to attend functions and family gatherings during the upcoming holidays.

1. Get Vaccinated

Priority number one is to get vaccinated if you haven’t already. If you’re already fully vaccinated and at least six months out from your full Pfizer/Moderna vaccination or at least two months out from your Johnson & Johnson shot, get your booster.

2. Go Get Tested

Testing is another protective step to take. This is recommended for anyone who has COVID-19 symptoms or was potentially exposed to the virus. By so doing you will know your status, thus be able to protect yourself and those around you. Apart from that, if you feel you are sick with COVID-19, avoid going near anyone, especially the most vulnerable.

3. Mask Up

Yes this can be tiring and all, but masks are a key measure to suppress transmission and save lives. In areas where the virus is circulating, masks should be worn when you’re in crowded settings, where you can’t be at least 1 metre from others, and in rooms with poor or unknown ventilation.

4. Continue with Washing and Sanitizing Hands

The virus can latch on to the objects or surfaces. While the virus has the ability to linger on for a while, you may come in contact with the contaminated surfaces and may get infected by the same. Therefore, it is important to wash and sanitize your hands regularly. Do not forget to disinfect the frequently touched surfaces and objects and maintain a healthy hygiene.

5. Clean Surfaces Regularly

It’s still unknown if COVID-19 can spread from hard surfaces to people or how long it may live outside the human body. Take extra caution and clean high-touch surfaces like tables, doorknobs, light switches, desks, toilets, faucets, and sinks with household disinfectants that are appropriate for the surface.

6. Stop Sharing

Even though you may usually steal a bite from your kid’s plate or share a dessert with a friend or spouse, now is the time to be selfish with your food. Don’t share any common kitchen objects such as dishes, drinking glasses, utensils, cups, and, of course, food with anyone, even the people in your home.

7. Social Distance At All Times

Maintaining a 6 feet of distance from one another is of utmost importance and can help in preventing the spread of the deadly virus. This not only protects us from symptomatic and sick people, but also ensures that we are not infected by people who suffer with no symptoms and are silent carriers.

8. Avoid Crowds

Yes, the festive season is a time for gatherings, but your life comes first. These wave of infections in the country have been fueled to a large extent by large gatherings, like the rage festivals and nightclubs where social distancing is impossible. Try by all means to avoid crowded, indoor gatherings since they are the most likely to become super spreader events.

9. Stay Home

During such times, when the virus is everywhere, it is important that you stay home and avoid going out frequently. As much as you would want to believe so, no one is immune to the virus. Therefore, step out of your homes only when there is an emergency. Stay home. Stay safe and keep others safe

10. Isolate if You Feel Sick

You must watch out for certain symptoms and signs of COVID-19 that could in turn suggest the next step to treatment. In case, you experience the symptoms mentioned about, isolate yourself and avoid coming in contact with anyone, at home or outside. Schedule a test and home-quarantine yourself until the result comes out as negative.

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