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Tweeps React to MaKhumalo Being Constantly Reminded That She is Childless #Uthandonesthembu

Tweeps React to MaKhumalo Being Constantly Reminded That She is Childless. No one gets ridiculed as a woman who is barren. If the woman is married, her in-laws will often make fun of her and regard her as a nobody. The situation can be worse, if just like Thobile Mseleku, you are in a polygamist marriage and other wives can bear children for the husband.

MaKhumalo, as Thobile is well known, is the third wife of polygamist, TV personality and businessman, Musa Mseleku. When the show started a few years ago, she was a fan favorite, and it was evident that her husband adored her to bits. She is often praised for being hands on, for supporting other wives and for being such a vibe. Obviously this will make other wives insecure, and they will use anything to make her feel small.

In MaKhumalo’s situation, her shortcoming, is that she can’t have children of her own. What makes her situation worse is that her husband Musa, wants a very big family with more sons. Every family meeting or one on one meetings with the wives, he raises this wish. Unfortunately by the look of things, Mseleku won’t be getting any more children from his current wives, hence his quest for wife number 5. This potential wife to be apparently comes from MaKhumalo’s clan, something that doesn’t sit well with viewers of the show.

Even some of the wives, always make MaKhumalo feel it that she is barren. Last evening’s episode first wife MaCele and second wife MaYeni had a meeting about kids with MaKhumalo. Viewers could immediately pick that, the fact that she doesn’t have children was used to make her feel bad. As expected the episode trended on Twitter, with a lot of people urging MaKhumalo to leave the toxic setup.

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