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Zola Nombona Applauded By a Social Media User for Her Selflessness

Zola Nombona Applauded By a Social Media User for Her Selflessness. It’s not an easy thing to get the attention of a famous person. Since they receive messages every now and then, and get to meet up with a lot of people, it is not easy for them to keep in touch with everyone. One other thing, fame itself can make a person only wants to associate with people of a particular caliber.

Having noted that though, there are celebrities who are for the people. They take time to read and respond to messages. Some don’t even mind being confronted by excited fans asking for favors such as autographs and pictures. Celebrities like Donald, Pearl Thusi, Master KG and so many others are always finding ways to make their fans feel closer to them.

Zola Nombona is another personality who despite fame always comes through for ordinary people. The talented actress has just been hailed by one social media who is grateful for her assistance. The social media user has been trying to get help from celebrities and influencers to participate in their research. Of all the people, only Zola responded.

“I know how it feels like to compile research for a thesis. Worse kemna I hated research so if I can lend a helping hand to someone else then I’m totally for it. Also you asked very nicely and professionally,” Zola said.

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