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Watch! Thuso Mbedu Surprises Family and Friends On Her Recent Visit Home

Watch! Thuso Mbedu Surprises Family and Friends On Her Recent Visit Home. There ain’t no place in the whole world like home. As much as you might have found greener pastures where you have relocated, home will always have a special place in your heart.

Thuso Mbedu, who is among our personalities who recently relocated abroad, paid a visit to her loved ones here in South Africa, a week ago. Since The Underground Railroad movie, the award winning actress has won the hearts of Americans and the world at large. During her stay in the US, she has already bagged interviews with the likes of Oprah Winfrey, Ellen DeGeneres, Trevor Noah to mention only three. Thuso has also attended major events, and is lined up for other movies with Hollywood giants.

Although, she is all that, to her family and friends she is still Thuso. Her surprise visit, also showed just how much they love her, how they have missed her, and just how much proud they are of her. Thuso rocked unannounced to her loved ones, among them best friend, Makgotso M and sister Noma Mbedu.

Check out how Thuso managed to pull off the surprises, and enjoy the reactions from the video below;

“My Favourite Part about last week ❤️
I was able to successfully surprise my family ??? @vuyi7 came up with very arb reasons as to why she would rock up at their homes at 5/6 in the morning ???
1. @makgotsom1 was told there was a package that would be delivered by Vuyi but could only be done very early as her day was super busy. (Today, 05 October is her 30th birthday??? send her some love ❤️)
2. @ma_vezi1 was told Vuyi would have to come collect some document I’d had Steve looking for the whole week. Obviously she couldn’t find the document and so Vuyi had to come help because I needed the document ASAP ?
3. Discombobulated @luckymthembu_za was woken up by Steve’s screaming and was trying to figure out what was happening outside. Was she going to have to wake up and fight??!? ?????
4. My niece was told Vuyi was coming to spend the weekend baking with her because they haven’t seen each other in a while. When told to guess what her surprise is, homie guessed it was a waffle maker ? (we bought one the next day) She spent the rest of the day sneaking looks at me until she finally whispered “I don’t know if I’m dreaming or not”
5. My sister @noma.mbedu was told she’d have a more flexi weekend as Vuyi would be there to help with Zen. Upon watching back the video home girl claimed she doesn’t recall throwing a stone at me and fly kicking me ???,” Thuso said.

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