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“What This Journey Has Taught Me Is That I Am Enough,” Gail Mabalane on Her Hair Loss

“What This Journey Has Taught Me Is That I Am Enough,” Gail Mabalane on Her Hair Loss. The crown of every woman is her hair. That is why women spend thousands of Rands just to make sure that their hair is well taken care of and up to date. What if now, you go bald out of choice, or because of a condition like Central Centrifugal Cicatricial Alopecia? Does that make you less of a woman? Certainly not!

There are a lot of women out there who prefer to shave off their hair, and they still look as beautiful as those with hair. Then there are some like Gail Mabalane and Altovise Lawrence, who unfortunately at some point in their lives lost their hair because of a condition called Alopecia. Gail found out about her condition after going to the salon for a routine hair wash. To her shock, after her wash, a big chunk of her hair was gone. The talented actress, tried every trick in the book to try get back her hair, only for her to keep on losing more hair. After seeking professional help, Gail was diagnosed with CCCA.

As September is Alopecia Awareness Month, Gail has seized the moment to once again open up about the condition. She revealed that her hair loss journey has taught her that she is enough the way she is. Gail also encouraged women to make better and more informed hair choices to avoid damaging their hair out of ignorance.

“What this journey has taught me…is that I Am Enough…just the way I am. ☺️

It has also taught me that as women, we CAN make better, more informed hair choices…because sometimes the damage is self inflicted due to lack of knowledge.

If I can give anyone advice…seek help as soon as possible. Sometimes, you CAN prevent further and permanent damage. 🙏🏾

Just know…you are not alone. #KnowledgeIsPower#HairStoration#BeEmpowered 🧡,” Gail said.

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