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DJ Sbu Reveals The City He Has Been Living In For a Year With No One Knowing

DJ Sbu Reveals The City He Has Been Living In For a Year With No One Knowing. It is almost impossible for a celebrity or public figure to live a private life. More so when you are as well known as DJ Sbu. The media as well as the general public will definitely know your every move. From your house, the cars that you drive to the person you date, most things about you will be easily accessible.

Well, there are those celebrities though who are really good with keeping some aspects of their lives private. As much as DJ Sbu is famous, no one can really tell who he is dating or if he is dating at all. The only woman he shares on social media is his daughter Waratwa, and this happens once in a while, on special milestones like birthdays. The only thing that DJ Sbu constantly posts about is his empire. The media personality and successful entrepreneur always updates about his business ventures, as well as motivates others to explore lucrative business opportunities.

But as for his private life, DJ Sbu, plays his cards very close to his chest. He just revealed that for a whole year, he has been living in Cape Town, without anyone knowing. DJ Sbu also added that he is enjoying the Mother City and urged Black people to move there as well. Talk about separating your personal life from your fame! How did the media miss this one?

“Can’t believe I been staying in Cape Town this whole year quietly without anyone knowing. Enjoying the Mother City everyday is such a joy. More blacks need to move here,” DJ Sbu said.

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