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10 Ways To Be Vigilant When Doing Shopping In Big Malls

10 Ways To Be Vigilant When Doing Shopping In Big Malls. Gone are the days when Small Street in Johannesburg was the only place feared in terms of crime. Now even big malls with the tightest security have appalling crime rates. Big malls like Mall of Africa, Maponya Mall, South Gate, Mall of the North and so many others are a target for petty criminals and those who steal big assets such as cars.

As we approach the festive season, it is imperative that we become extra careful. Already there are so many incident on social media about people losing money and other valuables while doing shopping. The following tips will surely help you stay safe and enjoy your shopping.

1. Always Be Aware

It’s easy to get caught up to –do lists and shopping lists, etc.  Remember to be mindful of your surroundings while you are out shopping.  If something seems off, or unsafe, trust your gut and ask for help when needed.

2. Park In Well-Lit Areas

Look under, in, and around your car as you are approaching it. If you are shopping alone, do not hesitate to ask security to escort you to your vehicle, especially at night.

3. Do Not Leave Valuables In Plain View In Your Car

Things such as gifts, cell phones, purses, clothing, etc attract criminals. Put these items in the boot or cover them up. This will decrease the likelihood of a car break-in.

4. Have Your Keys In Your Hand While Walking To Your Car

This will help to ensure you get into your vehicle quickly and you can use your keys as a weapon if necessary. Also, if you have a “Panic” button on your keys; be sure not to put your keys away too quickly.

5. Don’t Linger In The Parking Lot

When returning to your car, get in, lock the doors, buckle up, and leave. Parking lots are not a good place to unwind, relax, or make phone calls. As soon as you get in your car, go.

6. Avoid Using Your Cell Phone

Conversations, text messaging, or even headphones and music can be a distraction to you while you are shopping or walking back to your car. Only use your phone when it is necessary to do so.

7. Try Not To Hold A Purse

This one goes especially to ladies. Also keep your cash in your front pocket (not in a back pocket.) If you must carry a purse, try to choose one that is a cross body type of messenger bag. This will make it more difficult for purse snatchers.

8. Keep Your Cell Phone On You

A lot of petty thieves target cell phones. So make sure you put it in a pocket, or in your hand. This way in the incident of a purse snatching you will still have a phone to make calls.

9. Avoid Doing Shopping Alone

If possible, invite a friend to go shopping with you. It’s always more fun to have a friend join you, and safer too. Do this more specially in month end, when it is busy ans malls and shopping centres.

10. Always Know Where The Nearest Exits Are

This is for in the case of an emergency. There might be incidents of shootings, fire or anything that forces you to leave the mall immediately. So know where you will go to in case of emergency.


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