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Thembi Seete Pays Tribute for Her Mother a Month After Her Passing

Thembi Seete Pays Tribute for Her Mother a Month After Her Passing. Your mother is one person on this earth who will always be able to understand you. Even as an adult, you’ll always choose to confide in your mother above anybody else. But sadly death is our reality, and every single day children bury their mothers.

Losing a mother is one of the hardest loses to deal with. Just recently, Thembi Seete opened up about her grief after losing her mother. It has been a month since the loss, but the veteran singer, actress and TV personality feels the pain like it happened yesterday. Thembi describes the ordeal as the hardest thing she has ever had to deal with in her life. 

From her social media posts, one could tell that Thembi had a very special relationship with her mother. She also revealed that they stayed together until the day her mother passed away. Thembi ‘s mother had a brain tumor, and had been sick for a long time. Although the death of a loved one is painful, Thembi finds comfort in the fact that her mother is no longer in pain.

“Rest in peace Mom️.
This time, on this day, last month I lost my mom. The hardest thing in my life I ever had to deal with.

I still can’t believe she’s gone. We were so close, we did everything together, and we stayed together until the end. I still hear her voice because our bond was that strong.

It’s not easy, my heart is shattered. I mean writing this right now is difficult,
she was sick for a long time as she had brain tumour and in pain most of the time.” Thembi said.

Another thing, she spoke about the great qualities that her mother had. Among them, over protectiveness, smart, talented and hardworking. Thembi is also grateful of the beautiful moments she spent with her mother and that she got to meet her grandson, Dakalo.

“She was Overprotective , a Fighter, Smart , Talented, One of the best dress designer in her time and Hard working .

I’m grateful for the years we spent together and i am thankful that she got to meet and enjoy her grandson Dakalo ??

I remember when she got sick again in 2018, she couldn’t walk and i had just found out that I am pregnant. I told her about Dk.. guess what?? she stood up and started walking again, that’s how happy she was for me . I shared my secrets, deepest thoughts with her, i mean everything.

We lost our mother but we also gained the best ANGEL, We love you so much Mom
Rest in peace ?,”
Thembi concluded her beautiful tribute.

Watch her tribute here: https://www.instagram.com/tv/CS1Ung-A4Cx/?utm_medium=copy_link

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