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Terrence Kudzai Mushonga Turns To Social Media As His Woman Khanyi Mbau Goes AWOL

Terrence Kudzai Mushonga Turns To Social Media As His Woman Khanyi Mbau Goes AWOL. When it comes to matters of the heart, nothing is ever cast on stone. Just the other day, Khanyi Mbau took to Instagram to sing the praises of her man, Terrence Kudzai Mushonga. Now the tables have completely turned, and it looks like there is trouble in paradise.

On the Instagram post, Khanyi expressed just how much she appreciates Mushonga. The media personality stated that her man has ignited a flame in her that was dormant for some time. Khanyi also said that she grateful for Mushonga’s presence in her life, which has made her a new person. The couple has also been giving us soft life vibes, living it up in Dubai. A lot of people were excited for Khanyi, who has never had much luck when it comes to relationships.

Looking at the recent occurrences in their relationship, the whirlwind romance might come to an end. Mshonga has posted disturbing posts on Instagram, claiming that Khanyi is nowhere to be found. The Zimbabwean millionaire revealed that he dropped his girlfriend at the salon at 6pm, and that was the last time he saw her. He then decided to go look for her, and by then the time was 02:25 in the morning. Mushonga said, Khanyi kept on being on and offline.

After he took his woes to Instagram, that is when Khanyi replied that she is in the building. According to Mshonga, the two then argued over the phone until about 05:00 am, but still his woman didn’t pitch up. The clearly distraught Mushonga stated that he has never cheated on Khanyi, in fact he did everything to make sure that she lives the life of her dreams. He also revealed that he takes care of Khanyi’s daughter’s school fees,something that upset a lit of tweeps.


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