A New Battery Life Champ? Everything We Know About The Upcoming HUAWEI Nova Y60

A new battery life champ? Everything we know about the upcoming HUAWEI nova Y60! The HUAWEI nova Series springs to mind when thinking of aesthetically designed smartphones. Since its inception, the nova Series has swept the world’s major markets with its trendy style, camera capabilities, and multiple technological breakthroughs. Satisfying both the need for a stylish design and affordable flagship features, it’s no surprise that the series is popular with a younger crowd.

HUAWEI nova Y60 continues to carry the legacy of the HUAWEI nova family with its fashionable design and long battery life. It comes equipped with an array of upgrades most likely to appeal to a younger demographic, including a 6.6-inch HUAWEI FullView Display, multifunctional Triple AI Camera, and a 5,000 mAh big battery to deliver an all-around user experience. Read on to delve deeper into these top features of the HUAWEI nova Y60!

6.6-inch HUAWEI FullView Display and SuperSound solution for a more immersive experience
An excellent display can elevate your smartphone experience to the next level. HUAWEI nova Y60 boasts a 6.6” HUAWEI FullView Display. Be it for playing games, watching videos, surfing the Internet or handling everyday tasks, users can enjoy an immersive viewing experience.

Apart from size, quality matters too. HUAWEI nova Y60’s HD display is capable of rendering vibrant colours and fine details, letting users enjoy a broader yet crisper visual experience on-screen. What’s more, it also features an Eye Comfort mode to filter excessive blue light, banishing the common concern of eye fatigue when using for long hours.

To satisfy users’ growing demand for a more immersive audio-visual experience, HUAWEI nova Y60 adopts the company’s SuperSound technology solution to bring better sound effects. Meanwhile, the phone supports a large speaker volume up to 86dB, striking an outstanding balance of sound volume and sound quality. That said, users can rest assured with crisp sounds in high volume for a more engaging multimedia experience.

Versatile Triple AI Camera enables creative photography
Living in the age of ubiquitous social media, we’ve all witnessed the growing emphasis on smartphone camera capabilities from the younger generation, a group that often depend on smartphones for social media sharing.

Positioned as an entertainment gadget with long battery life, the HUAWEI nova Y60 is loaded with a 13MP High-Res Main Camera, a 5MP Ultra-Wide Angle Camera, and a Depth Camera to provide comprehensive photography support. Be it for high-res images, close-up photos or portraits with a shallow depth of field – you name it.

The HUAWEI nova Y60 brings another exciting development to selfie lovers, too! Featuring a built-in AI Beauty algorithm, its 8MP front camera can capture the best version of you in crisp detail.

Large 5,000 mAh battery for an uninterrupted entertainment experience
When used for taking photos or for gaming, HUAWEI nova Y60 needs to be equipped with long battery life. That’s why the HUAWEI nova Y60 is installed with a 5,000 mAh battery to enable a prolonged entertainment and gaming experience.

Tapping into Huawei’s power-saving algorithms, the HUAWEI nova Y60 further enhances the power-saving solution to guarantee long battery life. On top of this, the HUAWEI nova Y60 also comes equipped with a built-in Ultra Power Saving mode to sustain long-lasting performance even when the battery level is deficient.

Equipped with a large display, a multifunctional Triple AI Camera and a long battery life, the HUAWEI nova Y60 is set to turn out to be one of the best affordable smartphones of this year. With the device due to be released in store on the 10th September at RRP- R3099, it is not one to be missed for those looking for a sleek handset with all-time entertainment support.

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