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“This Is It,” Enhle Opens Up About The Most Painful Things About Her Marriage To Black Coffee

“This Is It,” Enhle Opens Up About The Most Painful Things About Her Marriage To Black Coffee. News is always best when you get it from the horse’s mouth. Over the past year there has been just bits and pieces of stories over what is really going on between Enhle Mbali and her estranged husband Black Coffee.

The two were once regarded as South Africa’s power couple, but unfortunately their marriage is now going through the most. Among other things, cheating rumors and abuse allegations surfaced. Like they say, there are always three sides to a story, among those sides is the truth. Ever since it was announced that there is trouble in paradise for the two, they have both come forth with a version of their story. Just like any bitter split, it has been one thing after another for Enhle and Black Coffee, and sadly their kids are caught in the mix.

In March, the two had an alleged altercation in a home they used to share. According to Enhle, Black Coffee slapped her on the wrist after a disagreement. Apparently Black Coffee was unhappy with the birthday celebration that Enhle held at their home. After going public about what she went through, Enhle proceeded to take the matter to court to get a restraining order.

The talented actress has just shared an emotional message on Instagram opening up about the harassment that she has bee enduring lately. According to Enhle there are people whose names she won’t reveal who have been intimidating her. She says she has been protecting this man (Black Coffee) for far too long. About the domestic violence issue, Enhle says “this man lied in a court of law, saying he went under my arm, as tall as he is, when he knows very well that he hit me.”

Enhle also pointed out that she does not feel safe, and that Black Coffee is psychologically messing with her children. She said Black Coffer called the children asking them to stop the case. She also stated that this has affected one of the children, who no longer feels like a child because of the divorce as well as new siblings.

“I don’t wanna hear it. Empress fighter, ” Enhle said.

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