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“I Was Suicidal At Age 11”, Nokuthula Mavuso Opens Up About Being Bullied

“I Was Suicidal At Age 11”, Nokuthula Mavuso Opens Up About Being Bullied. Social media is in a sombre mood after news broke out that a pupil from Limpopo took her own life as a result of being bullied. 15 year old Lufuno Mavhungu who was doing grade 10 at Mbilwi Secondary School was seen beaten by another pupil, while other students cheered on. As a result, Lufuno thereafter allegedly overdosed on prescription pills on Monday and sadly passed away.

A lot of people have been touched by the sad incident and in turn took to social media to seek justice for Lufuno. Celebrities also joined in calling out the perpetrators as well as anyone out there who finds joy in putting other people down. Among those celebs was award winning musician Prince Kaybee, who always uses his celebrity status to stand up for the abused. He is even willing to join mourners who will pay their last respect when Lufuno gets laid to rest.

To empathize with Lufuno’s situation, another celebrity Nokuthula Mavuso opened up about her own experiences at hands of bullies. Just like a lot of victims out there, the talented actress was also suicidal. She wanted to end her life as she couldn’t take it anymore. Nokuthula’s bullies mocked her based on her skin tone, her body weight and the texture of her hair. She was also told she looked like the late Pop star, Brenda Fassie.

I was suicidal at age 11. I was ready to tap out. Being dark skinned, very skinny with coarse hair. Being reminded that I was abandoned. Kuthiwa ngifana noBrenda. I loved her so much it made me happy to hear ukuthi siyafana.I developed a love for performance,” Nokuthula said.

To make matters even worse, Nokuthula also used to be mocked by her own teacher. Sadly this is what most students have to deal with in the classroom. If it isn’t sexual assault from teachers and fellow pupils, it is being bullied in and outside the classroom. This affects the victim so bad, and in extreme cases like that of Lufuno, they end up taking their own lives to escape the abuse permanently

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