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Khaya Mthethwa Accused of Tribalism and Here Is Why

Khaya Mthethwa Accused of Tribalism and Here Is Why. Being a public figure sometimes is a double edged sword. Sometimes your opinion are held in high regard, and other times whatever that you say can be translated otherwise. That is why in most cases, celebrities refrain from commenting on sensitive issues, lest they make headlines because of their views. Case in point has to be Khaya Mthethwa, who is currently being dragged on Twitter for his recent post.

The award winning musician and TV personality, is never shy to voice out his views on social media. Mthethwa was one of those people who was not happy back in May 2020 when President Cyril Ramaphosa announced the opening of churches as the country moved to lockdown level 3. “I’m a church boy but this is irresponsible,” he wrote on Twitter. His comment sparked a heated debate on Twitter. In his defense Mthethwa said, “I’m not attacking his leadership…I respect him…this is my personal opinion in a democratic country,”

This time around Mthethwa is also questioning something that Ramaphosa did, which is delivering an eulogy of the late King Goodwill Zwelithini. He asked tweeps whether it would have been wrong for former president Jacob Zuma to read King Zwelithini’s eulogy instead of the current president Ramaphosa.

Immediately Mthethwa trended on Twitter as a heated debate escalated. Some people accused Mthethwa of being a tribalist, whereas others found nothing wrong with his question. Despite the backlash, Mthethwa is still standing his ground, reasoning that his question is based on who was more closer to the late King. He also pointed out that he doesn’t question how Ramaphosa delivered the eulogy.

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