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“I Can’t Believe How Underrated My Husband Is,” Bontle Modiselle

“I Can’t Believe How Underrated My Husband Is,” Bontle Modiselle. The most beautiful thing about marriage is having a supportive spouse. You need someone who believes in you even when the whole world thinks otherwise.This is exactly what Bontle Modiselle is to her husband Priddy Ugly. She is very supportive to Priddy’s rap career, and always hypes him on social media.

The media personality and choreographer took to Twitter to slam those who undermine Priddy’s talent. Bontle can’t believe that there are some people out there who look down on how talented her husband is. She emphasized that her stance is not influenced by the fact that Priddy is her husband, but because he is just dope.

I actually can’t believe how underrated, undervalued and overlooked my husband is. In RAPS? Are you kidding me?….And of course I’ll go hard for him, but don’t let basic thinking have you assume it’s because of any obligation. He’s f**king dope. His pen is undeniable. Man….Stop playing,” Bontle said.

Priddy recently took on the role of label exec in new partnership with Steyn Entertainment’s Stay Low. Through his independent label, Global African Sounds (GAS) Priddy Ugly has partnered up with Stay Low with the aim of bringing South African talent to the forefront globally. His first lady, Bontle was among the well wishers who congratulated Priddy on his latest venture.

So far Priddy has released three album releases and one is coming up soon. The rapper has won over the hearts of plenty of fans with his smooth lyricism and colorful delivery. It’s just that the hip hop industry is so competitive, and it takes a while for one to make a mark no matter how talented they are.

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