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Lootlove’s Grief Leaves Her Questioning God

Loot Love’s Grief Leaves Her Questioning God .2020 will go down in history as one of the worst years for the entire world. Despite the world having to deal with diseases and economic crisis, individuals are also dealing with their own personal problems. One such is, Lootlove, who is dealing with the death of her younger brother.

Ever since her brother’s death a few days ago, the media personality hasn’t been coping. Another blow that hit Lootlove this years, was breaking up with the father of her twin daughters, Reason. We all know how painful celeb breakups can be, more so when they happen in the public eye.

All of this has Lootlove declaring 2020, as the worst year of her life. She further went on to question, why God allows pain and sorrow. She wonders how she is going to raise her daughters, without close male figures in her life. At this point Lootlove is not interested at hearing anything that has something to do with God.

The worst year of my life started off with a break-up & now I lose you. Kanti uThixo undifuna Ntoni? Uthi mandithini? Ndingotheni mna? How am I going to raise these girls when my heart has been turned to stone? What must I do now? What kind of God is this that makes me feel this much pain and sorrow? And now I’m meant to do what? continue with life and see joy when I’m walking with a gaping hole and void I can never fill? What is the point? Oh, also in all this “Have faith” they say, “God will never forsake you”… he has. He has. He took my whole life… he took my joy… he took everything that made sense…

Please stop telling me to be strong or telling me about God
,” she said.

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