Has 2020 Killed Your Vibe?


Oh 2020… what a strange, strange year you have turned out to be! Who knew, that back in January when we started making lists of ambitious New Year resolutions, that everything would come to a grinding halt only a few short months later. What happened to date nights out on the town, and sweaty sessions at the gym. What happened to dinners with friends, braais with family and many hours spent cruising the malls, hiking the trails, enjoying the ocean and well, just about everything and anything that involved other people being closer than 2,5 metres from your face. 

To say that 2020 has been disruptive for students is an understatement. From rising stats to dropping concentration levels and studying-from-home challenges that none of us were ever prepared for… this year has been a toughie. Whether you’re in your first or final year of studies or were heading off to dominate the corporate sector… COVID-19 had other plans. And those plans involved masks, sanitisers and very little of the stuff we love: socialising. 

Not just socialising in the normal sense of the word, but in the sense of “being social.” Spending time with loved ones, bouncing ideas off fellow students in the corridor, running off frustrations on the sports field, study groups, shopping trips and loads more. 2020: what a buzz kill! 

But now that things are slowly going back to normal (Normal? What’s that?!) and end of year exams are pretty much upon us… it’s time to get your oomph back! And we have discovered just the thing to help you do that! 

If you haven’t already tried this wonder product… meet Bio-Strath! And say hello to improved concentration, sustained energy, better memory and a strong and sustained immunity. Bio-Strath is a 100% natural supplement that contains 61 of the 100 nutrients that your body requires to ensure that it functions at its optimum. What’s more is that these 61 nutrients – 11 vitamins, 20 amino-acids, 19 minerals and trace elements and 11 building substances – are all bio-available; meaning that they are easily and quickly absorbed into your body so you can get back out there and finish off 2020 the best way you know how! 

For more information on the amazing benefits of this natural supplement, check out You can thank us later!

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