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Read: Somizi Pens Himself A Moving Open Letter

Read: Somizi Pens Himself A Moving Open Letter. You can’t pour from an empty cup. This is one lesson we can learn from Somizi. The media personality and socialite has taken it upon himself to introspect and fill his own cup.

In the current season of Living The Dream with Somizi, he has shared a lot on his personal life. Somizi has opened up about depression and a whole lot of other stuff. He has taken things up a notch, and wrote an open letter to himself titled, “I owe myself a huge apology. Open letter to Somizi.”

The letter reads, “I’m really sorry for not loving u the way I shud and the way u deserve to be loved. I’m sorry for not putting u first before anything and anyone. I’m sorry for doubting how awesome, powerful and important you are. I promise to prioritize yo needs. Yo wants. And give u more attention than I’ve ever given. But most of all I will love u better. I hope my apology is accepted. I love u.”

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