10 Tips To Keep Children Warm This Winter

10 Tips To Keep Children Warm This Winter. The next few days will be the coldest ever so far in the year. We need to keep warm, and so do our children. The following tips will help you keep your bundles of joy warm as they enjoy the cold weather.

1. Dress Them Warm

Dress infants and children warmly for outdoor activities.  Several thin layers will keep them dry and warm. Always remember warm boots, gloves or mittens, and a hat.

2. Put Another Layer Of Clothing

The rule of thumb for older babies and young children is to dress them in one more layer of clothing than an adult would wear in the same conditions.

3. Choose A Weather Appropriate Jacket

Look for a coat that is both waterproof and windproof, to keep your kid stay warm and dry. In some arts of South Africa it snows sometimes, so if your child is playing in the snow, get some snow pants to protect the base layers from getting wet.

4. Don’t Overdo Warm Clothes

Make sure you don’t bundle your child up too much. Overheating can lead to sweating and dehydration, which makes it tougher to regulate body temperature and stay warm. Layering up can be a good way to combat overheating as your child can shed a layer if they’re starting to get toasty.

5. Take It Easy When Traveling By Car

When riding in the car, babies and children should wear thin, snug layers rather than thick, bulky coats. This can help them fit properly in their safety seats. Make sure the car is warm enough.

6. Have Some Snacks On You

When it’s cold your body burns more calories to keep warm. As soon as your child starts running out of calories they’ll get colder, so keep their boiler stoked. Some warm drinks (usually hot chocolate or soup for kids) go down well too.

7. Keep Your House Warm

Kick up the furnace or put a space heater in with your child to help keep them warmer. This is a great way to set up a back up in case the room temperature dips too low and the furnace does not kick on. Pick one with a thermostat that turns on and off on it’s own and a tip switch that turns it off it if falls over.

8. Let Children Share A Bed

Even if they have individual beds, let children sleep together. Sleep them close together and cover each child with one blanket then cover them all together with another blanket. This will trap body heat that escapes one blanket under the 2nd to keep everyone warm.

9. Be Careful With Infants

Blankets, quilts, pillows, bumpers, sheepskins and other loose bedding should be kept out of an infant’s sleeping environment because they are associated with suffocation deaths. It is better to use sleep clothing like one-piece sleepers or wearable blankets.  

10. Don’t Completely Cover Up Infants

 If a blanket must be used to keep a sleeping infant warm, it should be thin and tucked under the crib mattress, reaching only as far as the baby’s chest, so the infant’s face is less likely to become covered by bedding materials

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