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The Wild Teasers – June 2019

The Wild Teasers – June 2019. Coming up on The Wild this June 2019:

Monday 3 June 2019
Episode 96

Karel and Jack lie to Lindsay about the events of the previous evening. Jack is overcome with guilt, and Karel offers him comfort. Diksie confronts Jiah, the difficult guest – with a surprising outcome. Tiro agrees to help Modise take on Itumeleng. Itumeleng vows to defend his chieftaincy. 

Tuesday 4 June 2019
Episode 97

Itumeleng lures Modise into the bush for a showdown. Karel calls the cops in and Rossouw identifies the owner of the burnt out bakkie, and decides to call Jack in for questioning. Diksie throws Khumo a curve ball when Jiah invites Diksie to stay in a neighbouring chalet as her VIP guest.

Wednesday 5 June 2019
Episode 98

Itumeleng and Modise form a fragile truce. Diksie’s behaviour as a guest makes her the new Diva. Mama Rose attempts to get her job back. Kate reacts to the news of who has actually been taking care of Amber, and Jack becomes a murder suspect.

Thursday 6 June 2019
Episode 99

Itumeleng and Modise agree to put aside their differences for the good of the Tladi clan but come up against fierce opposition from Mama Rose. The gloves come off between Lindsay and Kate as Kate gets territorial with her family. Diksie reconnects with her friends and colleagues the Bollywood way.

Friday 7 June 2019
Episode 100

Itumeleng and Modise’s uneasy truce allows Mama Rose to return to work. Diksie’s taste of the high life comes to an end when Jiah leaves the lodge. Kate reveals a dark side when she realises that Lindsay has been spending time with Karel and Amber.

Monday 10 June 2019
Episode 101

Itumeleng decides to rekindle his affair with Bernie. Mama Rose locks horns with Marang and Isaac over their loyalties concerning Itumeleng. Isaac has officially taken over as head ranger and Jack seems to be happy with that. Lelo officially moves in with all her boxes of clothes, much to Marang’s dissatisfaction.

Tuesday 11 June 2019
Episode 102

Jack wants to lie low but Kate and Tristan are determined to send him packing. Bernie is considering re-starting her relationship with Itumeleng when Marang sideswipes her thinking. Tiro agrees to Lelo’s plans for redecorating theirbedroom, and soon Lelo has plans for the whole house.

Wednesday 12 June 2019
Episode 103

Bernie and Itumeleng continue to deny their feelings for each other. Lindsay suffers from post-traumatic stress, and finds an unlikely friend. Modise gets further embroiled in Isaac and Mama Rose’s fight. Tristan makes a stand regarding Jack, and Lelo takes over the Lebone household.

Thursday 13 June 2019
Episode 104

Itumeleng sets a trap for Jack and he walks straight into it. Isaac has the chance to clear Jack’s name but sells him out to Rossouw instead. Itumeleng rewards Isaac with the Head Ranger position. Bernie realises she and Itumeleng have no future together.

Friday 14 June 2019
Episode 105

Tristan’s investigation proves that Jack was framed, but his innocence still hangs in the balance. Itumeleng asks Marang to oversee a Black Tie event at Dinaledi. Lindsay is delighted when Diksie’s absence leads to a temporary promotion, but the job loses its appeal when the staff begin to undermine her.

Monday 17 June 2019
Episode 106

Jack confronts Itumeleng about who set him up. Marang realises that she may have bitten off more than she can chew organising the Black Tie Event. The Bridge project is threatened by a worker’s revolt. And Lindsay’s new promotion is turning into a nightmare for her.

Tuesday 18 June 2019
Episode 107

Itumeleng plants incriminating ‘evidence’ in Jack’s room. Accused of poaching, Jack is suspended and ordered to get off the reserve pending a disciplinary hearing. The Lebone’s receive bad news about Diksie’s mother. Lelo boosts Lindsay’s confidence when her colleagues make fun of her new look.   

Wednesday 19 June 2019
Episode 108

Dinaledi plays host to the rich and fabulous, as the day of Marang’s party finally arrives. Jack is forced to leave his staff house. The success of the Kwena bridge project is threatened by an impending strike. Itumeleng manages to placate the workers, but his empty promises may come back to haunt him. 

Thursday 20 June 2019
Episode 109

Itumeleng is now desperate for funds to complete the bridge. Jack tells Tristan everything and vows to help him bring down the poaching syndicate, but Tristan is determined to make him pay. Marang is torn between Itumeleng’s job offer and Zweli wanting her back. Itumeleng crushes Lindsay’s ambitions.

Friday 21 June 2019
Episode 110

Itumeleng manipulates Isaac further into being his pawn. Marang feels pressured by her ex-husband Zweli into making a decision about their future. Lindsay is haunted by her past while helping Lelo with her wedding. And Jack takes a drastic step in order to clear his name.

Monday 24 June 2019
Episode 111

A lack of funds threatens the completion of the Kwena Bridge, until Itumeleng hatches a devious plot. Jack tells Karel that he has evidence against Itumeleng, and Karel persuades him to go to the police. The relationship between Tristan and Lindsay deepens. 

Tuesday 25 June 2019
Episode 112

Tiro’s furious when Marang instantly succumbs to Zweli’s charm and agrees to give him another chance. Itumeleng bribes a building inspector to sign off on the bridge and makes a public announcement that it’s open. Bernie discovers that Itumeleng has finally moved on. 

Wednesday 26 June 2019
Episode 113 

Marang and Zweli struggle to rekindle their marriage. The new host Ashwin arrives and ruffles a few feathers. Lindsay continues to pursue Tristan, while Jack fails to prove his innocence. Itumeleng gets an unexpected surprise.

Thursday 27 June 2019
Episode 114

Itumeleng confronts Jack about the sim card, but now it’s Jack who has the power. Marang puts her job on the back burner and lets Zweli back into her life, but learning to trust him isn’t easy. Lindsay and Bernie both secretly vie for the attention of Ashwin, the gorgeous new Front of House Manager.

Friday 28 June 2019
Episode 115 

Kate and Tristan suspect the burglary has something to do with Jack and want him gone. Karel defends Jack and assists him in his plan to bring Itumeleng down. Kate realizes Tristan lied to her about Lindsay and gives him an ultimatum.

Tiro warms to the idea of Marang and Zweli getting back togetherjust as Marang fears Zweli is up to his old tricks. Bernie breaks her promise to Lindsay.

The Wild airs on from Mondays to Fridays at 18h00.

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