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10 Main Reasons South African Youth Don’t Vote

10 Main Reasons South African Youth Don’t Vote. So many young voters, even those who say they’re politically motivated, often fail to turn out at the polls. The following reasons might be why that is the case.

1. No Interest In Politics

There are a lot of things that young people are focusing on at the moment. The main things being employment, success, and leisure. It goes without saying that politics is not an interesting topic of discussion. Henceforth the youth don’t even bother to go to the polling stations.

2. They Feel It Won’t Make A Difference

A majority of young people don’t think voting is an effective way to change society.

3. They Lack Knowledge In Politics

There is a significant lack of knowledge about how exactly the government works, and, therefore, how their vote actually matters. Many young people don’t think they know enough to be able to vote.

4. They Find Politicians Corrupt and Disloyal

It goes without saying that politics and corruption go hand in hand. Most politicians only look for their interests and that of their families. Once a person is voted into power they change and don’t live up to the promises they made prior to the elections.

5. They Are Ignored By Candidates

If young people don’t vote, they’re less likely to be targeted by political campaigns. Young people who are contacted by an organization or a campaign are more likely to vote. Additionally, those who discuss an election are more likely to vote in it.

6. They Are Ignored By The System

Poverty and unemployment runs high among young people. No opportunities are open for young people, more especially black young South Africans. Young people feel the government takes them for granted and only wants them when they need their votes.

7. They Feel Their Voice Is Not Heard

Young people in this country don’t feel that they are heard. They don’t feel that their voices are counted and that the issues they are faced with are dealt with. This is the issue that cuts across all political parties.

8. Their Families Are Not Into Politics

A young person’s home environment can have a large impact on their engagement. Youth who live in a place where members of their household are engaged and vote are more likely to do so themselves.

9. They Have Barries To Overcome

Sometimes as busy as they are, young people don’t have time on Election Day. Some can’t afford to spend time in long line. There might be lack of transportation, inconvenient hours or location of polling place, trouble locating their polling place, registration problems and so forth.

10. Religion

Many people think politics and religion don’t mix, and that includes young people. Those who are deep into religions like Christianity feel they have no business in politics. This is because they feel only God can be the answer to their problems, or they simply don’t want to be part of the corruption associated with politics.

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