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10 Signs Your Friends Are Bad For You

10 Signs Your Friends Are Bad For You. We feel good about ourselves when we have many people we regard as friends. In most cases, they bring great joy, comfort, solace and fun to our lives. However, sometimes they do the total opposite. The following signs will help you know when to call it quits in your friendships circle.

1. They Compete With You

They really just want all the attention. This is especially obvious if you have great news to share of an accomplishment to announce. They’re basically trying to upstage you because they don’t want you to have all the glory, which is not something a true friend would do.

2. They Share Your Secrets

Has your friend ever told another friend a secret you told them? You may not think it matters if you would’ve told the other friend anyway, but it’s still a huge invasion of privacy. The disrespect with something like this is unforgivable and they’re a bad friend.

3. They Gossip About You

No one likes it when people talk behind their back. If you’ve been told by others that this person has been talking bad about you behind your back, they’re not your friend. Real friends don’t insult and demean their friends ever, but especially behind their back.

4. They Judge You

You should never feel judged by your friends. If anything, you should feel free to express yourself. If you feel embarrassed or uncomfortable opening up to them about something really important to you, you should probably start looking for new friends.

5. They Insult You

They could straight up say that you’re whiney and annoying or they could make snide comments that don’t read as an insult until you think about it later. Either way, when they’re saying things that make you feel horrible about yourself, it’s time to find new friends.

6. They Use You

They always need something from you. Whether that’s money or an ear to listen or someone who will give them a solution to a problem, they just want something from you. They don’t talk to you to see how you’re doing or what’s going on in your life.

7. They Always Play The Victim

They always let you know in no uncertain terms how much hardship they are going through (often blown well out of proportion to the facts). But when you need advice or would like to vent, they’re very short with you. It’s not fair when you spend two hours plus to cool them down, Instead, for you, it’s like five minutes.

8. They Are Self-Centered

These friends live by the mantra: “It’s all about me”. They will always talk about themselves. Also, they won’t care about you; they’re not interested in your day, how you’re feeling, etc. They also brag a lot. Whether it be about themselves, materialistic possessions, boyfriend, getting married, or a vacation, they always find something to make them sound better than you.

9. They Are Clingy

These type of friends can’t share you with other people. When they do see you with other people, they’re jealous because they want you all to themselves. They’ll even squeeze themselves into relationships with you and your best friend. They can’t keep their hands to themselves

10. There Are Trust Issues

Do you really trust that person to take care of you if you were injured or got super ill around them? Do you trust them to be alone with your significant other without trying to hit on them? Trust is major. If you can’t trust them, something’s off.

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