10 Ways To Handle A Bitter Ex

10 Ways To Handle A Bitter Ex. Insecure, low self-esteem and sociopathic ex’s can temporarily bolster their ego’s and feel better about themselves by making your life a living hell. The following tips will help you deal with them and restore your peace.

1. Move On

The return on investment for getting too heavily embroiled in ex-wars is very poor. You are better off practicing good self-care as you recover from the ordeal of a breakup and surrounding yourself with people who lift your spirits.

2. Avoid Them At All Cost

Even if it’s your favorite place in the world, do you really want to risk running into an angry ex? If he/she happens to make a scene involving you, you might end up being banned from the place for causing trouble!

3. Don’t Defend Yourself

When someone twists reality to spin outrageous, inflammatory tales about you, it’s natural to want to defend yourself. Resist the urge! You will just give your ex another opportunity to climb onto his or her self-righteous pedestal.

4. Don’t Fight Fire With Fire

There comes a point where the hurtful words hits you hard and you’re tempted to lash back out at your ex. When the temptation arises, step away. Retaliating and giving your ex a taste of their own medicine means stooping down to their level.

5. Keep Firm Boundaries

If you were the Pleaser during your relationship, you must learn to assert yourself effectively. Waffling or being passive-aggressive will make your ex more angry because he or she will feel that you’re playing games or behaving in ways that are confusing.

6. Understand What They Want

You may need to dig through a profanity-ridden email or text, but somewhere in there you’ll find a clue about what your ex really wants from you. Oftentimes, they want to get back together with you, and so they lure you with kindness and strike back with anger if you reject them.

7. Don’t Get Emotional

It’s natural to feel angry and upset when people say bad things about us. But if you comer across as volatile or capable of whatever your ex is saying about you, then people may believe what they’ve heard. You can’t control what others think, but you can control your own behaviors.

8. Learn To Recognize Bait

Once your ex realizes that he/she is being ignored, they may start to formulate other ways of getting your attention. One way they can do this is by using bait to make sure you’d pay attention to what they have to say. They may use cliffhangers to make you curious about something.

9. Keep Kids Out Of Your Issues

Raising children with a hostile ex is one of the most difficult byproducts of breakup. You must therfore develop strategies to prevent your children from being used as artillery. If your kids tell you about the crappy things your ex says about you, many of which are lies, do not fire off an email setting your ex straight.

10. Have close friends or family to confide in

When someone says a load of really awful things about you, it can be a huge weight on your shoulders. You’d need to unload to someone whom you trust like a close friend or a family member. You don’t have to carry your burden alone, there are people who care about you and might like to help you

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