10 Signs Of An Emotionally Abusive Partner

10 Signs Of An Emotionally Abusive Partner. In a relationship emotional abuse is as worse as physical. The best thing you can do for yourself in most cases is leave. The following signs are just a tip on the iceberg of an emotionally abusive partner.

1. Swears At You

Swearing and name-calling is a base attempt to frighten and demoralize you. When your partner resorts to this its means he or she has so little respect for you and for common decency that saying offensive, derogatory things is not beneath them.

2. Has Unpredictable Emotional Outbursts

Screaming. Cursing. A crying jag. Inappropriate laughter. Knocking a lamp off the table. A calm discussion can escalate in a matter of seconds into a full-blown eruption of emotion. You are so caught off guard by this outburst, you have no idea how to respond.

3. Damages Property

This skirts the line between physical and emotional abuse. An abusive partner may break or “lose” something they know is meaningful to you as a way to punish you and remind me you of the power they hold over you.

4. Orders You Around

“The sink is full of dirty dishes. Get up and clean them right now.” “Make me a sandwich. I’m hungry.” You aren’t treated like an equal adult in your own home. You’ve been relegated to the position of server-in-chief. You jump when your spouse says jump

5. Monitors Your Whereabouts

Nothing is more controlling and dominating than someone checking up on you constantly and managing what you do and where you go. Emotional controllers are masters at monitoring you and will either guilt you into staying put or threaten you if you step out of line.

6. Monitors Your Phone Calls And Texts

This kind of monitoring is just another way of controlling you and crossing your personal boundaries. You feel like a child whose parent suspects you’re up to no good. You’re an adult with a right to privacy and a right to contact whomever you wish without interference.

7. Ignores You In Decision Making

An emotional abuser will attempt to put you in a secondary position in the family by neglecting or refusing to include you in important decisions. He doesn’t want his position of power to be usurped if you have a differing opinion. She doesn’t really see you as an equal decision-maker in the family.

8. Controls Resources

Partners may control financial or other resources as a form of punishment or as a way of maintaining control in the relationship, causing you to believe you won’t be able to care for yourself (and your children, if you have them) if you try to leave.

9. Behaves Like A Spoiled Child

Sometimes it feels like you’re living with a toddler or sulky teenager rather than a grown-up. Whining, moaning, pouting, complaining, and temper tantrums are the manipulative tactics of choice for your partner.They attempt to guilt, shame, or frustrate you enough to coerce you into compliance.

10. Withholding Affection

Withholding affection from a partner is a way to punish the partner and to exercise power and control. This is done intentionally and is sometimes stated to the partner by saying something like, “No kisses until you can be nice again.”

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