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The Bold And The Beautiful Teasers – December 2018

The Bold And The Beautiful Teasers – December 2018. Coming up on Bold and the Beautiful this December 2018:

Monday 3 December 2018
Episode 241 (7704)

Liam feels betrayed by Bill when he learns that Sally does not own the Spectra building. Brooke begins to have second thoughts about divorcing Bill when she learns from Steffy that he and Liam have reconciled. Shirley calls Sally out on her feelings for Liam and encourages her to pursue him.

Tuesday 4 December 2018
Episode 242 (7705)

In order to avoid further conflict, Liam offers Bill several scenarios of compromise.

Note: Wednesday 05 December 2018 – The Bold and The Beautiful will fall away due to the T20 cricket match

Thursday 6 December 2018
Episode 243 (7706)

Liam sadly informs Sally that their plan to rebuild Spectra Fashions will not happen. Steffy learns from Bill that all of her efforts to reunite him with Liam were in vain. Bill fears that Liam is attached to Sally in a way he should not be.

Note: Friday 07 December 2018 – The Bold and The Beautiful will fall away due to the T20 cricket match

Monday 10 December 2018
Episode 244 (7707)

Liam makes one desperate, last ditch effort to help Sally and her company.

Tuesday 11 December 2018
Episode 245 (7708)

Steffy and Wyatt become concerned about Liam risking his life for Sally.

Note: Wednesday 12 December 2018 – The Bold and The Beautiful will fall away due to the T20 cricket match

Thursday 13 December 2018
Episode 246 (7709)

Wyatt confesses to Katie his anxiety about Bill learning of their relationship and his conflict with Liam.

Friday 14 December 2018
Episode 247 (7710)

Liam and Sally begin to lose hope that they will be found before the building comes down completely. The search gets more and more dangerous as the remains of Spectra Fashions continue to move and come closer to a complete collapse. Justin informs Wyatt and Katie about the explosion.

Monday 17 December 2018
Episode 248 (7711)

Heartbroken and angry over the events that have just occurred, Steffy questions Liam about his loyalty to her and their marriage.

Tuesday 18 December 2018
Episode 249 (7712)

Sally confides in her sister Coco that she admitted her true feeling for Liam as they both sensed they could die. Having been as understanding as she could, Steffy can no longer hold her tongue to Liam about his obsession with helping and defending Sally. Steffy comforts Bill about his failing marriage to Brooke.

Wednesday 19 December 2018
Episode 250 (7713)
Season Finale!

Katie makes a selfless offer to Wyatt in hopes of helping him in his relationship with Bill.

Thursday 20 December 2018
Episode 1 (7714)

New Season!

Sally confesses to Coco about Liam buying the Spectra building and gifting it to her.

Friday 21 December 2018
Episode 2 (7715)

A tortured Liam searches his soul and realizes the error of his ways.

Monday 24 December 2018
Episode 3 (7716)

Wyatt reminds Liam of the warnings he received regarding taking Sally’s side against Bill’s.

Tuesday 25 December 2018
Episode 4 (7717)

Steffy’s actions lead her to become more forgiving of Liam’s minor indiscretion.

Wednesday 26 December 2018
Episode 5 (7718)

Liam surprises Steffy with a gift to solidify their marriage following their big fight.

Thursday 27 December 2018
Episode 6 (7719)

Bill is thrown for a loop when he wants to invite Steffy on an instant getaway to his yacht in Monte Carlo.  Liam confesses to Wyatt that his association with Sally went too far. Wyatt is happy to hear that Liam managed to salvage his marriage and is now intent on repairing his strained relationship to their father.

Friday 28 December 2018
Episode 7 (7720)

Rick and Maya help Eric and Quinn set up the Forrester Mansion for the annual Thanksgiving feast. Liam is on cloud nine that Steffy forgave him. Bill, who continues to daydream about his night with Steffy, acts grumpy at the office.

Monday 31 December 2018
Episode 8 (7721)

As is tradition, the Forrester, Logan, Spencer, Avant and Spectra families put their difference aside and join together for Thanksgiving and give gratitude.

The Bold and the Beautiful airs on SABC3 Mondays to Fridays at 18h30.

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