Pay or not to pay? This is a good question

Indeed, but we know the answer to it and took a chance on giving you an advice on how not to fall into debt when the shopping season is off.

The most advanced shopaholics are aware that it is the most economic for them to stock up on various products when the shopping season is on. This crazy period starts in November’s Black Friday and ends with Chinese New Yearwhich takes place at the break of January/February. Unfortunately, the next shopping season won’t be out till the coming of autumn and that’s why now is the best moment to give you a few useful tips on how to stop oneself from overpaying during the silly season.

Shopping on work-free days

The most serious reason for you having an overdraft might be simply a rash and impulsive shopping. Since online shops traffic declines to a large extent during weekends, marketologists scratch their heads over the ways to improve such an inconvenient situation. As a result, the most pleasant period of the week becomes also the best time to go shopping. That is why during weekends, one can pick through a wide variety of promotions and it’s been long since consumers possessed the mysterious knowledge about marketologists’ tactics and now drink to the lees.It happens very often that some sections are discounted and one can save even 30% on their purchase. Zandoorganises such promotions from time to time and one should be alert all the time because it can disappear in the blink of an eye.

Chinese Shops

If you ask yourself whether you are particular about shopping because you want to take advantage of both low prices and a wide stock, we can answer your question straight away – No. The solution is easy-peasy – choose Chinese online shops. Here you can buy literally everything – clothing, electronics, kitchen appliances and whatever comes to your mind. There are 2 Chinese shops which are top-rated and very well known among South African bargain hunters –AliexpressandGearbest. Nevertheless, we cannot skip crucial disadvantage of shopping there. Unless you decide on express delivery, shipping can take, in the most extreme cases, even 3 months.And if you were not satisfied with the received products, you would be even more irritated. More to the point, if you wish to have your order delivered to your doorstep quickly( 3-7 days), you need to pay around R170.

However, it should be noted, that even though you choose to buy Chinese products and pay additional express shipping fees, sometimes it still can be cheaper than shopping in your local shops. Moreover, Aliexpress sellers accept coupons which can significantly reduce the price of your order. In other shops of this kind, it is allowed to use promo codes which enable to save up to 10% off purchase.

Special Sales

If the prospect of long waiting scares you away, then choose to visit your local stores which may have an ace up their sleeves, namely, special marketing actions which let you save almost as if it was a seasonal sale. New School or Academic Year are exemplary reasons for conducting such actions. Every year in August and September there are many opportunities to get a new laptop for such occasions onWantitallorZasttra. And let’s be honest, you can take advantage of this promotion, no matter whether you are a graduate or not. Take a moment to bookmark Wantitall and Zasttra or subscribe for their newsletters and you won’t regret it! Other important events fuelling the need for special deals are Valentine’s Dayand Mother’s Day.

Clearance Sales

These kinds of sales are periodic and are available in online clothing shops likeSpreeorMRPas well as in the ones offering television, radio and domestic electrical appliances. The clothing matter seems a little bit more complicated in comparison to electronic goods. Since fashion is changing year by year, ‘old’ collections might not appeal to all customers and not even ‘99% OFF’ promotion could help in selling them out. The problem doesn’t exist while choosing a new expensive TV or laptop. The discounted electronics go like hot cakes due to the fact that there is no need to own the most advanced models. It will serve you well for years anyway. Clearance sales are regular in such shops as: HomeChoiceand Superbalist.

Loyalty Programs

When it comes to mobile operators, don’t even bother yourself with the loyalty programs since they will definitely not pay off. On the other hand, in some online shops they might turn out to be quite beneficial. For example in one of South African clothes shops – Boardriders– 10% of each purchase goes back to your member account. The money you collect in your account might then be used to pay even half of your next order. Once you become a shop club member, you derive profit from it. You can count on membership discounts which grows order by order. Still, you need to remember that some deals can not be used in conjunction with others and that’s why you should count which one will be the most advantageous for you. Will it be 10% back to your account or maybe an immediate promo code which might enable you to save even more?

Bargain shopping is possible all year round, but if you want to save really big, we recommend you wait till the ‘hot’ season. By saying ‘hot’ we mean savings up to 90% off that you might have during Black Friday, the biggest sale of the year. The next opportunity to save after Black Friday is Cyber Monday. The last chance to save while shopping is one month after Black Friday and Cyber Monday so that your wallet can regenerate. Chinese New Year, also known as Lunar New Year, takes place at the break of January/February and you can expect the best discounts to appear on Aliexpress, Banggood and other Chinese shops.

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