10 Reasons You Need A Mentor In The Work Place

10 Reasons You Need A Mentor In The Work Place. The importance of a mentor in your life can never been overemphasized. Being mentored can increase your job skills, adaptability, salary and self-worth. The following 10 reasons will help you discover the benefits of mentoring  both at work and in your personal life.

1. You Gain A Friend

A mentor and mentee relationship without rapport is like having no mentor at all. This is someone you’ll share your work and personal concerns with so make sure they’re someone you get along with.

2. They Push You To Aim High

They refuse to let you settle on your oars and invariably challenge you to go farther than you can possibly imagine. They pat you on the back for your successes, guide you in extracting lessons from your failures and by so doing push you far.

3. To Protect You From Error

Mentors protect and nurture their proteges from premature exposure. They provide insights on how to navigate political landmines in organizations and how to make sound business decisions in your startup or engagements. Their counsel prevents missteps that could otherwise derail your success. Mentors by their sound counsel guide proteges from ending up in pits.

4. For Motivation

Mentors provide ideas, thoughts and insights that challenge and enable you to see beyond your sphere of influence. Mentors amplify visions by elevating your thinking capabilities. Mentors elevate you by making their shoulders your platform.

5. Mentors Are Trusted Advisers

In the work place, it can be hard to know who to trust, and that you can trust someone. An objective third-party with no stake in any idea or venture, will be happy to let you know what they thought. In return, you know that they would keep everything you tell them confidential.

6. Mentors Can Be Connectors

Playing a dual role of teacher and connector, a mentor can provide access to those within your industry that are willing to help you, offer their skills and expertise, introduce you to more prospective employees. A mentor may willingly shared their network with you, take you to events and make introductions that can lead to many opportunities.

7. You’ll Have Someone Who’s Got Your Back

Your office may have nice stuff in it, but it has people in it, too. And people are ambitious, anxious and selfish. If you’re contending with colleagues for a promotion or in the middle of office politics, your mentor can offer advice and sing your praises to decision-makers.

8. You Become A Better Person

Your mentor is the office equivalent of that friend who calls you out if you’re out of line. By telling you your strengths and your weaknesses, he or she will help you gain self-awareness, respect your colleagues more and become a better team player. In short, they’ll help you build your character.

9. You Feel Happier At Work

A mentor isn’t just there to sneak away for lunchtime pints with. They’ll help you hone your craft and become more competent at your job. When you’re good at what you do, you’ll feel happier in your work and personal life.

10. You Can Become A Mentor Too

Mentors aren’t saints. It feels good to nurture talent and you can pick up mentoring skills on the job, particularly with regard to leadership and communication. A mentee, coming at a problem from a different angle, can also help you to see a new perspective on the issue.

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