5 Ways To Flee An Abusive Relationship

5 Ways To Flee An Abusive Relationship. Many women have lost their lives, simple because they endured abusive relationship. It is not easy to leave an abusive partner, but if your life is at stake, leaving might be the only option. The following tips, will help you escape abuse and claim your freedom back.

1. Know The Definition Of An Abusive Relationship

An abusive relationship describes a relationship where one person consistently and constantly uses tactics to psychologically, physically, financially, emotionally, and sexually control and have power over another person. A relationship that is considered to have domestic violence is a relationship where there is an imbalance of power.

2. Acknowledge the existence of abuse.

Victims tend to minimize the abuse. Abuse does not have to be physical. It is frequently emotional and/or psychological. You don’t have to wait for broken bones or a black eye before you consider it abuse. Yelling, name-calling, intimidation and threats are all forms of abuse. If you are forced to have sex without your consent, it is abuse and is sexual assault. Ask yourself: “Are you often walking on eggshells?” Keep in mind that most abusers are charming and apologetic after the abuse; there is a honeymoon period. Then predictably the tension builds followed by an explosion. Many women and men stay trapped in this cycle hoping that this time the abuse will stop.

3.Get Help

If you can tell your partner is going to physically abuse you, call 911 immediately. Calling 911 can ensure that you will be able to stop the physical abuse. This will ensure your safety as you and your kids leave the house. The police might arrest your partner. You can also get a protection order.  It protects you from a person who is abusing, stalking or harassing you. It can also restrict a person from coming to your house or workplace.

4. Find A Safe Shelter

You may need a safe place to go if you want to get away. Make a list of all the places you can go. These might include friends or family: Think of friends or family who are not familiar to your partner. You can also go to a safehouse. Safehouses are usually maintained by nonprofit organizations. They have a secret location and are usually accessible 24 hours a day, so if you have to sneak away while your partner is sleeping, you can.

5. Get To The Bottom Of Things

Are you addicted to love or the feeling of being in love? Do you equate love with pain? People who have felt alone, alienated and unloved growing up tend to seek out relationships early in life. However, if your parents were in an unhealthy relationship, an abusive dynamic will feel familiar and comforting. Surround yourself with support; find a therapist who can assist you in rebuilding your self-esteem, and start rebuilding your life.

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