10 Must-Know First Date Rules

10 Must-Know First Date Rules. First dates are about putting your best self out there, selling yourself to a potential boyfriend or girlfriend. But while you’re there to make a great first impression, you’re also there to be honest about yourself and what you’re looking for. You don’t want to be fake your behavior or manner in any way, so here are the rules:

1. Always Be On Time

Yes, things happen, but you really don’t want to keep your date waiting. When people wait too long they immediately think they have been stood up. That’s not fun for anyone. If you’re running more than 10 minutes late, be sure to text and keep them posted.

2. Put Your Phone Away

Unless there’s some other dire emergency, put the phone away. All your friends know where you are, so if you don’t get back ASAP to a text, they’ll understand. You want to make sure you date knows that they have your full attention. If if your phone is out and you’re not texting, you’re conveying to them that something else is way more important.

3. Be Honest About What You’re Looking For

The first date is the place to bring up what you’re expectations are for the future. If you met through online dating, then take the opportunity to talk about why you’re both online and what you hope to gain from it. If you met in person or because you were set up, again, then get straight to the point of what you ideally want to get out of all this dating.

4. Don’t Be Too Judgmental

It’s important to stick to your standards, but it’s also important to have a open mind. If your date shows up in an outfit you detest or has some sort of physical thing that you don’t find completely attractive, don’t immediately throw in the towel.

5. If You Like Them, Make A Lot Eye Contact

Your eyes can really let the person know you’re interested or, as the case may be, bored as hell. If you know that you’re one of those people who has a hard time making eye contact, tell your date. It’s better for them to know it’s difficult for you instead of them thinking you’re just uninterested and rude.

6. Come Clean About Your Circumstances

If you’re in between jobs or currently sleeping on a friend’s couch for whatever reason, put that all out there. While it’s always a good idea to keep some things to yourself on a first date, especially in regards to your romantic past, when it comes to things that could possibly create problems while you’re dating, you want to put that out there.

7. Ask Questions

In asking questions, you’re also creating a dialogue. When one person is just going on and on, and there’s no feedback on the other end, things can go south fast. You want to pay attention to whether you’re asking questions about them, and noticing if they reciprocate.

8. Take A Stand If Things Get Weird

If your date crosses one of your person boundaries or does anything else to make you realize they might just be the antichrist, don’t be afraid to tell them so. You have nothing to lose, because you’re probably not going to date them anyway. Think of it as a favor to their future first dates.

9. Don’t Dwell On Your Ex

If they do ask, be as honest as you’re comfortable with, but be wary of talking smack. This date is about a new beginning, and there’s plenty of time to rehash your past if you get involved. If they talk about their ex, just smile and make a mental note. If they talk poorly about their ex, then ugh. They’ve just kissed a second date goodbye.

10. Don’t Be Scared To Cut The Night Short

Don’t force it if you know it’s just not right for you. You don’t need to grab another round, or stay any longer than you want to. That’s the ultimate rule you should follow, for yourself, and for them.

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