Internship Posts For Media Graduates Open At Ginkgo Agency

Internship Posts For Media Graduates Open At Ginkgo Agency. Ginkgo has the following internships available for 2018 and is currently accepting applications from graduates of media related studies:

Media Manager Intern:

The Media Management  Intern role sits within the Media Management Team. The purpose of the role is to afford a learning opportunity to those interested in entering the field of Media Management and the incumbent will assist in the execution of projects during production. The role includes managing various forms of media within the Company from ingesting footage, transcoding, syncing sound and video, prepping projects for the senior editors, managing photographic assets, backing up footage and projects, sending finished projects to grade and sound and packaging final products for distribution.

Production Intern:

The Production Intern role sits within the Production department and reports directly to the Production Managers. This role also works closely with the Production Assistant’s.The purpose of the role is to afford a learning opportunity to those interested in entering the field of Production. Learning opportunities exist within the entire production process and the person fulfilling this role will be taught about various aspects of production from experiencing how stories are created and the coordination involved in making a production come to life, to understanding what happens to footage after it arrives from a shoot and the administrative support that is required in Production.

Shooter/Editor Intern:

The Shooter/Editor Intern role sits within the Editing Team and has a dual reporting line to the Head of Shooting and the Senior Video Editor. The purpose of the role is to afford a learning opportunity to those interested in entering the field of shooting and editing. The incumbent will assist in the execution of projects during production. Learning opportunities exist to creatively incorporate a variety of film techniques using digital, electronic and film cameras when shooting footage in order to most effectively portray the subject matter of the project at hand and that meets Gingko’s standards of production.  The editing aspect of the role involves utilizing available footage to create video products of the highest standard, timeously, and in line with the creative brief.

Editorial Intern:

The Editorial Intern role sits within the Editorial department and reports directly to the Head of Research and Ideation. The purpose of the role is to investigate unique story lines, possible talent and other creative reference material of interest to the Company and/or specific projects and archive this information appropriately.

Writer Intern:

The Writing Intern role sits within the Copy department and reports directly to the Writer/Strategist. The purpose of the role is write copy to support the ideation, development and promotion of stories, pitch new stories, develop current stories and creative concepts, work with the Editorial Team to source stories and develop them and proof and fact check written copy and films. The incumbent is responsible for learning and developing his/her professional skill set within the realms of their role in the Company.


What they expect from you:

  • Honor the standards of quality and excellence that the Company delivers in all products
  • Always maintain confidentiality regarding sensitive business information and assets
  • Work at a dynamic pace with enthusiasm to reach the highest quality service and seamlessly deliver the day-to-day requirements of our customers and the Company
  • Remain adaptable and flexible in the face of unfamiliar or changing situations
  • Be willing to work long hours where necessary to get the job done and don’t be afraid to ask for help if you are feeling overworked
  • Structure and manage your time to meet the expectations of a work environment with daily and weekly deadlines
  • Uphold the values of the Company and always be professional and authentic
  • Be willing to have tough conversations: be open, honest and timely with feedback (provided always with respect)
  • Don’t be afraid to fail and learn from failure and be willing to share learning from failure
  • Pay close attention to detail and work with accuracy
  • Appreciate, value, and seek input and ideas from all your colleagues
  • Build and maintain professional relationships with colleagues

What you can expect from them:

  • To be challenged and stretched in your job. We have very high expectations but offer the support you need to deliver on these expectations
  • A fun and inclusive working environment
  • The opportunity to work with very interesting clients on interesting projects around the world
  • The opportunity to redefine what good looks like in the creative world: we will listen without prejudice and always work collaboratively
  • Respect for you and your opinion, and the opportunity to be authentic and to shine
  • A willingness to listen to and receive your feedback: even if it is uncomfortable at times
  • Honesty and transparency
  • Monthly goal-setting and performance reviews to enable you to perform at your best

If you think you’ve got what it takes to join Ginkgo’s Internship Program, please send the following to as your application:

  • Motivation letter for why you want to work at Ginkgo and what value you think you’d add to our team
  • Your CV

Apply by email

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